Our upcoming message

August 20, 2017


We begin a new series this Sunday called, "Available". Are we truly available to God for His use and for His purposes? Are we available to God for the purpose of touching lives for Him? We will be looking at the Christian faith, our experience of it, and what God wants us to do with it. This Sunday, Pastor Mike will bring the message, "Aware". This is where "Available" must begin. What is it that God wants us to be aware of and see as we discover the Gospel and seek to share that Good News with others?


Sermon Outline 8/13/2017

How To Handle Opposition To Your Faith

 I. What To Remember

     A) Opposition can make me more like Jesus

     B) Opposition will deepen my faith

     C) Opposition will give eternal rewards

II. What To Do

     A) Don't be surprised

     B) Don't be afraid

     C) Refuse to retaliate

     D) Respond with goodness

III. How To Be A Peacemaker

     A) Listen more than you talk

     B) Be quick to forgive and slow to judge

     C) Learn to say, "I'm sorry"


  ***We have recordings of each service available in the lobby and by request, please feel free to take one or to ask for one***